Emily grew up on the South Coast, NSW and enjoyed a wonderful childhood with her parents, three brothers and numerous family pets. She discovered her love for reading from an early age when her parents used to read to her every night. Reading her favourite books aloud helped Emily to overcome a childhood speech impediment and gave her the confidence to start creating her own stories. When she was a teenager, she left for boarding school in Sydney and then pursued careers in the city until she met her husband in the local Berry pub one Wednesday night and eventually followed her heart back to the South Coast, NSW – where she still resides.

Wanting to follow her dream of becoming an author, Emily soon found a writing course through the University of Wollongong and graduated with distinction from a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing three years later.

She spends her time working a day job, writing, and working on her house (but she is no longer allowed in the garden in case she kills any more plants) and enjoying the many delights her beautiful area has to offer.

Emily writes romantic, fantasy fiction, short stories, as well as adult fiction. Emily enjoys hanging at home with her family and can often be found outside on the lawn with her son watching the cows amble past her fence or the Pink Galahs, Magpies and Kookaburras getting into mischief and teasing her husband as he mows.