The Fray


She’s been trained for battle. But is she ready for war?

Army Captain Fallon Parker’s career is in ruins following a combat mission that ended in carnage, saw three of her men dead and of which she has no recollection.

When she is abducted and taken to a place unlike any on this earth, Fallon finds herself under the ‘protection’ of Hadwin. He tells her she is the heir and rightful Queen of the Northern Kingdom. Fallon’s people need her to lead them in a rebellion to wrest their kingdom from the control of the tyrannical human Queen, who is hell bent on wiping out Fallon’s kind.

Forced to accompany Hadwin on a treacherous journey to rejoin his men, Fallon discovers a strange world filled with magic, monsters and battle-hardened rebels. But as in her own world, she discovers that leadership comes at a price. Allies and enemies are interchangeable. And the reason she could never recall the events of that dark night when her men were killed is because Fallon is not human…and has powers beyond her imagination.

She was destined to be a queen, but is she willing to accept that role? Will she survive the rebellion that she was brought back to lead?

Will the rebellion survive her?

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The Fray by Emily Dale

Publication Date — 1 June, 2018

B Format Paperback

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